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Welcome to GeoBC

Base Map Online Store

This online service allows you to order and purchase Land and Resource products.

Integrated Land and Resource Registry

The ILRR provides a single source of reliable information on Crown Land legal interests, the place to go for a first-cut view of BC Crown Land status.


Aerial imagery provides a sense of the current state of the province as well as a view into its past condition. Our imagery products are a critical service for government agencies, industry and private citizens, helping provide a visual context about how the province has developped and changed over the last 80 years.

Geospatial Reference

The Geospatial Reference consists of two main components - a physical monumented system and an emerging satellite positioning reference system.


Gator is an easy to use, online search and retrieval system which provides numerous details regarding the British Columbia Crown Land Registry.

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Our Mission

GeoBCs purpose is to provide fundamental information to help better manage natural resources in British Columbia


Behind that deceptively simple mission lies substantial nuance and in recognition of the broad range of interests which GeoBC serves.

Learn More

GeoBC is located in Victoria, BC. Please view our contact page to get in touch with us.