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What Is GeoBC?

About GeoBC

We Create Geospatial Products

GeoBC creates and manages geospatial information and products as well as provides consultation services across all natural resource sector (NRS) agencies. While this may sound like a complicated and purely technical role, in practice the group has four very tangible areas of focus directly tied to NRS business functions:

  1. To create and maintain a standard set of base spatial data (e.g. roads, hydrology, terrain, etc.) with the goal of progressively making this information open and accessible for use by all,
  2. Providing assurance for two of the Provincial Crown land registries, the information repositories of Provincial rights and obligations - specifically Tantalis and the Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR),
  3. Offering Crown land research expertise to other government agencies, both rights-granting and otherwise, and;
  4. Offering a service for custom solutions to NRS business issues (e.g. developing mapping products and visualization for avalanche awareness, providing assistance to treaty teams, spatial design and project management support for clean energy projects, etc.),

In short, if an NRS business area has any concerns about or interest in the concept of "place" then GeoBC is involved in some way; whether indirectly through the open provision of the authoritative base information or directly by involving mapping, analysis and land research specialists from the branch.


GeoBC 2015-2016 Business Plan

GeoBC Business Plan

Since the formal creation of this branch in 2008, we’ve witnessed dramatic shifts, both within the group and more broadly across the natural resource sector. In times of change for any business it’s critical to keep attention focussed on the core mission and in the case of GeoBC, that mission is quite simply to provide fundamental information to help better manage natural resources in British Columbia.

Download our 2015-2016 Business Plan [PDF] to learn how GeoBC intends to deliver geospatial products and services in support of resource management and environmental stewardship objectives for the province.