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Base Map On-Line Store

This online service allows you to order and purchase Land and Resource products from the Base Map Online Store.

Coastal Resource Map Viewer

This viewer provides maps of the Coastal Resource Information data layers for the resources (biological resources which includes eelgrass, kelp, clams and important fish bearing rivers, bird distribution, and commercial and recreational fishing areas) marine industries, shoreline type, and expected shoreline habitat maps used for coastal planning and marine response activities. These maps are provided as a quick way to get an idea of what is in the area, the user however, should always refer to the source databases for more detailed information for marine response activities. They are not meant to be used instead of but as a reference source of information. Source information can be utilized through the CRIMS application located at

Integrated Land and Resource Registry

The ILRR provides a single source of reliable information on Crown Land legal interests, the place to go for a first-cut view of BC Crown Land status.

Topographic Map Viewer

Use the Topographic Map Viewer to access 1:20,000 scale topographic maps for the entire province for free from within your browser.

Airphoto Viewer

Low-resolution airphotos can be viewed, printed and/or download for free using the KML viewer. Full-resolution airphotos may be ordered and purchased from the Base Map Online Store

BC Economic Atlas

The BC Economic Atlas provides a single window and user friendly access to a multitude of spatial economic and natural resource data relevant to business and investment decision-making allowing users to gain a visual overview of British Columbia's economic opportunities. The BC Economic Atlas assists users to identify, visualize and promote business opportunities; conduct project scoping and business case analyses; and facilitate informed conversations with others.

BC Economic Atlas

BC Geographic Names Search

Geographical names are more than labels on maps and road signs. They can reveal patterns of settlement, exploration and migration, and mirror outside influences to our history - aspects of the heritage and promise of an area that might otherwise be overlooked or forgotten by visitors and later generations.

We hope this website helps you discover this aspect of British Columbia's natural & cultural heritage.

First Nations Consultative Areas Database (CAD)

The First Nations Consultative Areas Database (CAD) provides preliminary contact information for First Nations who may have Aboriginal Interests identified within the area queried. These contacts are based on knowledge currently available to the Province.

Launch Public Application

iMap BC

Use the new version of iMapBC to view thousands of map datasets hosted in the BC Geographic Warehouse. You can view the data in an interactive mapping environment: to put together map layers of interest; to upload your own map data; and to produce maps that can be printed or emailed to others. The latest version improves performance, the user interface and interactivity between geographic data and associated attributes.

Orthophoto Viewer

Low-resolution orthophotos can be viewed, printed and/or download for free using the KML viewer. Full-resolution orthophotos may be ordered and purchased from the Base Map Online Store

Tantalis Gator

Tantalis Gator is an easy to use, online search and retrieval system which provides numerous details regarding the British Columbia Crown Land Registry. This registry maintains, records and tracks the sale, survey, licence, access, return and restriction of Crown land in British Columbia.

WIMSI Imagery Finder

This application will help you to find air photo or orthophoto imagery for specific locations like named geographic features or latitude and longitude coordinates. Search parameters such as the search radius, range of years of photography, or BCGS mapsheet can be specified. If you know a particular air photo's film roll and frame number desigantion, the individual frame or even the entire film roll can be located. Search results can be exported for viewing within Google Earth and other applications that support .kml files, or as .csv text files for use with text editors, databases or spreadsheets.