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Parcel Fabric & Registry Services

We provide the fundamental datasets for determining land ownership, rights and jurisdiction in British Columbia.

  • Integrated Cadastral Fabrics (ICF) team is responsible for building and maintaining the Integrated Cadastral Fabric, which represents the current state of surveyed and titled parcels on Crown and private land. Presently, about half of the Province is being actively maintained with new areas being added each year. To see the current status map, click here.
  • Parcel Fabric Section constructs and maintains the spatial data in the Crown Land Registry for surveys over Crown land. In addition to parcels this includes Statutory Rights-of-Way, Railways, Highways and Roads, and Gas and Oil wellsites. Non-survey information is also maintained such as Crown acquisitions and reversions and administrative boundaries like Provincial Parks and Municipalities.
  • Registry Operations provide operational registry services for surveys over Crown land. As the core of the Tantalis database, the unit manages current and historical Crown land parcels, survey plans, reversions and acquisition database records.