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Data Services


The Base Mapping & Cadastre Section of GeoBC provides a number of standard data services as part of the DRA program. These services are aimed at ensuring the integrity and proper integration of the DRA data before the data goes to the users.

Standard Services

Standard services include:

  • Data updates - An update mechanism ensures the ongoing currency of the DRA data set.
  • QA incoming data - Incoming data updates go through a quality assurance process to detect errors and inconsistencies in the data and these are subsequently corrected.
  • Data deliveries - Client data deliveries are scheduled on a regular basis based upon client requirements and can be as frequent as every month.
  • Error reporting - Individual clients may notify GeoBC of data deficiencies or errors and these are tracked, analyzed and resolved.

Standard data services are included in the price of product delivery.

Custom Services

GeoBC also provides a number of data services customized for the specific needs of a user. These services include such things as:

  • Filtering data to meet specific user needs
  • Processing to meet target schema requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of additional related data sets

Pricing for custom services is dependent upon the type of service and the effort involved. For further information on custom services please contact Base Mapping & Geomatic Services.