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Examples of the FreshwaterAtlas (FWA) Data

FWA Examples Description Download
The Freshwater Atlas examples viewed using

An overview of the Freshwater Atlas is available as a downloadable Google Earth file (kmz). fwa_kmz

Based on the Nanaimo River Basin the Overview provides examples of:

  • Water Features (FWA Base Data with component descriptions)
  • Watershed Features (Derived FWA with component description)
  • A animated tour of the Watershed components within the Nanaimo River Basin
  • Nanaimo River animated Flythrough

  Note:   To view data in Google Earth googleyou have to install the application to your computer

Nanaimo River Basin (Poster) Poster created for a Public Meeting, used to demonstrate the FWA components and relationships to the map base. PDF
Okanagan Basin Okanagan Basin PDF
Watershed Groups Figure A1 - depicts all the Weatershed groups within the province PDF
Coastal Rivers Drainage Figure 6 - depicts the Major Watersheds in the Coastal Rivers Drainage PDF
Principal Drainages Figure 5 - depicts the Principal Drainages groups within the province PDF