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Recreational GNSS Navigational Training

Recreational GNSS Navigational training materials are available online for those who are interested in using GNSS for daily work and general navigation. This may include using GNSS to collect mapping and/or inventory information for non-critical data holdings (e.g. mapping camping site locations, rough biking trails, etc.)

These PDF training materials shall not be distributed to third parties without consent from the Province.

Module 1 - Basic GPS concepts 900 kb
Module 2 - Introduction to Recreational GPS receivers 715 kb
Module 3 - GPS Applications and Methods 907 kb
Module 4 - Configuration and Operation of Recreational GPS receivers 1,408 kb
Module 5 - Connecting to a PC and GPS Planning 823 kb

An in-depth understanding of signal structure, measurement techniques, range errors and geodesy, DGPS data processing, interpretation, quality control, quality assurance, audits and data delivery formats can be found in the Comprehensive GNSS Technology course materials.