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Comprehensive GPS Training (4.5-day Course)

This 4.5-day course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of GNSS concepts and methods relevant to resource inventory surveys in BC. Provincial standards advise specific levels of expertise for data processors and project managers responsible for collecting and submitting data to the provincial government. It is strongly suggested that all GNSS operators successfully complete the course and the exam at the end, however; It is no longer a requirement by GeoBC for contractors to participate in this course by January 1st, 2011.


NEW! The course materials are now available online for download. These materials are updated with GNSS technology and reflect the latest changes in the mapping fields using Internet resources. These modules do not represent the whole course readings but they contain various concepts that are instructed throughout the course.

These documents are prepared for people who are in industry and/or government and responsible for GNSS data collection, processing and all relevant QA/QC related work. Basic knowledge is also available with Recreational GPS training modules.

Training materials shall not be distributed to third parties without consent from the Province. For any feedback about these modules, please contact the content custodian at the bottom of the page. These modules are up to date by February 2011.

Module 1 - Basic Concepts 721 Kb
Module 2 - Data Acquisition Concepts 671 Kb
Module 3 - QA & QC Procedures 1098 Kb
Module 4 - Basic Geodesy Concepts 953 Kb
Module 5 - Positioning Methods 335 Kb



The course consists of classroom and hands-on field exercises that includes receiver operation and data interpretation exercises. It provides an in-depth understanding of signal structure, measurement techniques, range errors and geodesy, DGPS data processing, interpretation, quality control, quality assurance, audits and data delivery formats. The courses ends with a compulsory one-hour, 20 question multiple choice examination. This is a requirement to successfully complete the course and earn the certification.


Industry personnel, consultants and government employees responsible for the design, implementation and supervision of mapping and surveying operations using GNSS. The GNSS certification is recommended for professional and technical staff on provincial government resource mapping contracts.



The Participant should have a substantial amount of theoretical and/or practical (field) GNSS and mapping experience. The 1-day recreational grade GPS course along with some field experience is a good prerequisite for the Comprehensive course.

Registering For A Course

Currently the courses are offered based on market demand through the certified instructors. You can either inquire to Content Custodian or communicate directly to the course instructors.