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Geospatial Reference Unit Training Courses

GeoBC provides GNSS Technology related training for public and private interest. GNSS course materials are available for download at designated course Web pages, with no charge.

Comprehensive GNSS Technology Training For Resource Mapping

This course is developed for persons, in private and/or government, responsible for GNSS data collection, processing, quality control/assurance and integration. This course is facilitated over a 4.5 days period and includes both class-time and field-time. This is an excellent course for those who would like to understand the GNSS technology concepts and practice their understanding on the field.

More information and training materials (free download) specific to this course can be found at the following link - Comprehensive GNSS Technology course.

Recreational-Grade GNSS Receivers for Resource Mapping

GeoBC developed training materials for users utilizing recreational-grade (consumer grade) GNSS receivers - such as Garmin or Magellan handheld models.

The materials are designed for people who have an interest in knowing more about using recreational/consumer grade GNSS receivers for general navigation and route planning. This course does not provide full knowledge about GNSS, Geodesy, data processing, etc. However, it is developed for those people requiring some basic knowledge and field experience in order to make informed decisions in the field while collecting GNSS-referenced data.

More information and specific training materials can be found at the following link - Recreational Grade GNSS Receiver course.