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Registering For a Course

Currently the courses are offered based on market demand through the certified instructors.  Please see the separate web pages for specific information on the following courses and the registration process:

  1. Comprehensive Course (5-day)
  2. Comprehensive Course - Challenge Process
  3. Field Operator Course (1-day)

It should also be noted that many of the local community colleges have integrated these courses into their curriculum and it may be possible to take a course in concert with a regularly offered program offering.

The fees for these courses vary based on the following requirements and variables:

  • The number of students taking the course.
  • The course location compared to Instructors home location (i.e. travel and per diem required)
  • The Instructors time (i.e. charge-out rate)
  • Materials (e.g. participants course manuals, etc.)
  • The cost of renting the training facility.
  • The cost of renting GPS receivers (1 per 2 students) and computers (1 per student).

In order to help improve the return on training investment by reducing the costs, there are three options available to participants:

  • If the participant supplies a supported GPS receiver and is willing to share it 50:50 with another student, registration fees can be reduced by the amount it would cost to rent that unit (see registration page for current rental rate).
  • If the participant supplies a laptop computer the registration fee can be reduced by the amount it would cost to rent the laptop computer.
  • For in-house sessions, costs can be further reduced if the sponsoring agency supplies the meeting room to host the training.

To discuss these options please contact the Instructors directly.