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Metro Vancouver Geoid

This file is a precise geoid model that covers all of Metro Vancouver, Abbotsford and east to Hope. This geoid model/values is loaded into MASCOT for all geodetic control monument (GCMs) in MV, ensuring that MASCOT and the RTK Service are completely compatible.

The official name of the geoid model being distributed is (ZIP Archive). It has been renamed to ensure that users are employing the correct model. Note that this model is equivalent to HTGVRDBC00, except it is extended to the east to provide coverage for Abbotsford.

The file HTMVBC00_Abb.byn can directly imported into GPS manufacturers software for use in the field or office * e.g. Trimble's Geomatics Office and Leica's SkiPro or Leica Geo Office.

GPS-H is available for download from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Geodetic Survey Division and allows you to view and extract geoid values with this file. GPS-H can be downloaded from Height Reference System Modernization Tools. For more information on height systems, please go to the Height Reference System page.