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GPS Base Station Data

GPS active control point in Summerland, BC, Canada

The active component of the Geospatial Reference framework is the BC Active Control System (BCACS) which integrates satellite based positioning and broadcast communication to create a precise and accurate referencing system for the province.

The system currently consists of a network of twenty Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based satellite receivers strategically located to provide coverage across the province. The BCACS enables post-mission positioning within metres or centimetres to a myriad of land, air and water based navigators.

Access to the BCACS system post-mission data is provided through ftp downloads operated by the Geospatial Reference Unit in Victoria. Please go to /base-mapping/atlas/gsr/products/bcacs/buy.html to apply for a BCACS account.

You can view information about our active control points on our BCACS Active Control Points Information Page.

For current news and status of BCACS stations please refer to the BCACS News and Status Page.