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National Transformation (NTv2) Software

The National Transformation Version 2 (NTv2) software and data package provides a national standard for transforming coordinates between the NAD27 and NAD83 reference systems.

Version 2 contains new features which ensure the most reliable results for users seeking compatibility among various data sets. These new features include:

  • shifts modelled on more comprehensive control survey networks
  • variable grid density to reflect network density
  • accuracy estimates for predicted shifts

Product Details

See the National Transformation Version 2 User's Guide (PDF, 128 KB) for more information.


For further information on specifications for National Transformation (NTv2) Software please refer to the MASCOT Survey Utilities page.

How to Buy

National Transformation (NTv2) Software is available at no cost from the Software - NTv2 section of the Canadian Spatial Reference System website.


National Transformation (NTv2) Software
Convert UTM/Geographic to NAD27<==>NAD83
no cost