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Standards and Specifications

All on-line documents are provided in PDF format. You may need to install Adobe Reader to view the documents.

Metre Level GPS Positioning Specifications - Version 4.0, April 2008

These specifications and guidelines are intended for resource surveys using GPS technology (cut-block mapping, stream mapping, etc.). They were developed to provide the information and guidance necessary to achieve horizontal and 3D absolute accuracies on the order of 1-10 metres.

GPS Resource Specification (Release 4.0) [PDF]

Real-time Centimetre Level GPS Positioning Specifications - Version 1.2, November 2009

These specifications are intended for precise surveys using RTK GPS technology.  Recommendations on utilizing real time kinematic GPS within areas served by a BCACSm are also included. The document was developed to provide the information and guidance necessary to achieve horizontal and 3D absolute accuracies at the centimetre level using real-time GPS technology.

RTK GPS Guidelines (Ver. 1.2) [PDF]

Specifications and Guidelines for Control Surveys using Conventional Survey Technology - version 2.0, July 2009

This document provides specifications and guidelines for Geodetic control surveys using conventional surveying techniques. The primary intent of this document is to define conventional surveying procedures and standardized submissions that will be accepted by GeoBC for integration into MASCOT database. July 2009 version of this document should be considered final revision since such conventional surveying techniques are no longer considered popular due to the increase of use with GNSS technologies.

Control Surveys using Conventional Survey Technology [PDF]

Specifications and Guidelines For Control Surveys Using GPS Technology - July, 2010>

This document provides specifications and guidelines for the use of GPS technology since demand for conventional surveying methods have decreased. This document outlines the GPS control survey design, preparation for data acquisition, data handling and system validation. Also, standards required by GeoBC are explained for specific applications.

Control Surveys using GPS Technology [PDF]

EDM Baselines & GNSS Basenets in British Columbia

The provincial government in partnership with the federal government maintain survey measurement standards in British Columbia.  These  standards, known as EDM Baselines and GNSS Basenets, are used to validate measuring devices such as EDM's, GNSS receivers, etc. Note: these documents are older but still valid.

Baselines & Basenets in BC


The list of GNSS Reference Stations in BC that have been validated by GeoBC. October, 2008

Validated BC GNSS Reference Stations [PDF]


The list of the Resource Information Standards Committee (RISC) certified GPS Contractors that have been certified by GeoBC, via the RISC GPS Comprehensive Course (5-day GPS data Processor / Manager course) and RISC GPS Field Operator Course (2-day GPS Field Operator course).

This validation is no longer required by GeoBC.

RISC Certified Resource Sector GPS Contractors [PDF]


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