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TRIM Data Exchange


"Data Exchange" means the negotiated transfer of data between organizations or agencies.

The Branch recognizes that the exchange of data with other agencies is an expedient source of new and updated information. To provide current data in a cost effective and timely manner, the Branch supports integrating and/or supplementing original TRIM baseline information with data from sources other than 1:70 000 scale aerial photography. Alternate sources include but not limited to satellite imagery, GPS and current, importable baseline data resident in other agencies.

The Branch pursues data exchange opportunities and has established the TRIM Data Exchange Program and the criteria for Branch acceptance of data from external sources.

The currency of Branch information is as important an element as data content, accuracy or consistency. In some cases, data currency is the most critical requirement. The TRIM Data Exchange Program will provide users with current and accurate data by the most efficient, economical and effective means possible.

The Branch will be the recognized custodian of the data comprising Base Mapping and as such is responsible for the continuing integrity of this information. This data will be carefully evaluated and given an accuracy-based confidence level, rated from 1 to 4 (i.e. level 1 - Meets or surpasses TRIM specifications and is fully integrated into the data set with descriptive Metadata; and level 4 - Unknown source and doesn't meet the TRIM specifications). This confidence level and other descriptive metadata will be associated to features as attributions in the SAIF files.

TRIM will move forwards in the ability to carry data attributes in response to client needs.

Base Mapping and Cadastre Section

With reduced redundancy in data collection and retention with maximized compatibility with provincial, national and international data standards other initiatives continue to promote cooperative acceptance of Branch or other recognized standards for data accuracy and data format to facilitate inter-agency data exchange.

A commitment to cost reduction achieved by investigating, and, where appropriate, incorporating technology, methodology and implementation innovations to meet evolving Section requirements. Developing the most cost-effective combination of resource allocation, technology and process in implementing data exchange the Branch remains committed to the completion and maintenance of an information base of established accuracy, currency, credibility, and reliability.

Data Exchange Agreements

See the following lists of partners with signed agreements:

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Data Exchange Production

A Data Exchange production map is available here clicking on any title or area within this map will take you to a more detailed map of that region.

TRIM Exchange Program

Exchange Specifications