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Product Delivery Times

Times indicated in the table below (in working days [Monday-Friday]) are for the processing of scans only. Times are average based on the size (number of scans involved) of your order, backlog and size of previous orders and available Lab technicians. Orders are processed on a first come, first served basis. Large orders may take longer than indicated.

Air Photo Products Working Days
Digital Air Photo Scans (TIFF) 10 to 15

* does not include Statutory holidays

Provincial Baseline Digital Atlas Delivery Times

Product Type
Delivery Time
TRIM 20K Positional Map Sheets, TRIM Raster Base Maps, Gridded Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Restructured 250K, Enhanced Base Maps (EBM), Hillshades
Available to download in the requested format within minutes of placing a Base Map Online Store order, an email will be sent with an ftp link, the order will be purged from the ftp server after 7 days
Digital orthophotos/orthomosaics
Usually 3-5 business days *, products supplied on CD or DVD or customer supplied hard drive

* does not include Statutory holidays

Rush Orders

RUSH orders for digital air photos will be considered for Court Cases, provided that a court file number is included with the order (please indicate this in the Special Instructions area of the Add Products page of the Shopping Cart when ordering through the Base Map Online Store). NOTE: Rush orders are subject to the approval of the Unit Head. Times are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed. Orders can be placed using the Base Map Online Store. Note that Private Air Photo Agents can also place orders for digital air photos on your behalf.