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Digital Airphoto

Latest Updates

Air Photo Product Delivery Times

Times indicated in this table are for processing of digital scans of air photos only. Times are average based on the size (number of scans involved) for your order, backlog and size of previous orders and available Lab technicians. Large orders may take longer than indicated.


Black and white aerial photography is available for all of British Columbia at a variety of scales and, in some areas, dating back more than fifty years. Most areas of the province are covered by air photos less than ten years old, with large areas covered by medium scale (1:35,000/40,000) photography from 1996 to the present.

Colour aerial photography is becoming increasingly available for more areas of the province, particularly in the Okanagan, Kootenay and Cariboo areas.

Air photos are available to order as high resolution digital files.

Product Details

Aerial Photographs are exposed at various altitudes using a variety of conventional and digital cameras, and providing overlapping or 'stereo' coverage of the ground. The scale of the photography varies, depending on the height of the aircraft above the ground, the focal length of the camera used. Over mountainous terrain the scale can vary considerably within each photo. Standard forward overlap between photographs along a flight path is 60% and standard lateral (side) overlap between adjacent strips on the flight path is 30%.

Stereo pairs are available and are often purchased by engineering and resource professionals for mapping and interpretive purposes.

The scale range for block aerial photography is 1:10,000 to 1:70,000. The scale range of site specific aerial photography is from 1:2,500 to 1:50,000. Not all scales are available for all areas.

Note that prefixes for black and white rolls are either "BC or, "BCB". Prefixes for colour rolls are "BCC". Prefixes for digital rolls are "BCD".

Digital air photos can be certified as to true copies and date of exposure for court or litigation purposes.

Product Resources

How to Acquire

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Raw Tiff Scan (from rolls prefixed with BC/BCB/BCC/BCD) $18.50 each
Air Photo certification (true copy/date of exposure for court or litigation purposes, per copy of film record) $15.00 each

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