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Gridded DEMs

This product is a regularly gridded digital elevation model data set for the Province of British Columbia, derived from breaklines, areas and mass points. The grid spacing is 25 metres and is created from the 1:20 000 scale Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

To identify which map sheet you may require please visit our 1:20,000 TRIM Tile Locator map located here

Please note that due to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) limitations, map links are only supported by Internet Explorer versions 8 - 11 at this time for this tile locator.

Product Details

  Index Grid:  NTS 1:250 000
  Pixel Size (metres):  25.0
  Format:  USGS DEM
  Is Compressed:  no
  Is Lossy Compression:  no
  Compression Ratio:  0
  Projection:  UTM
  Library:  LIBC Imagery Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I convert the USGS format to Arc/Info?

    The USGS DEM format is a standard format for the storage of raster digital elevation data.

  2. What is the accuracy of the gridded DEM?

    The accuracy of the interpolated DEM will conform to 1:20,000 TRIM data accuracy. Ninety percent of all points interpolated from the TRIM DEM shall be accurate to within 10 metres of their true elevation.

How to Acquire

Search using Base Map Online Store Discovery Tool Open in Google Earth


1:250K TRIM BC Gridded DEM Map Sheet 3D, (x,y,z) 25m resolution $500.00 each

Search and order using the Base Map Online Store

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