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Hillshade imagery is a simulated cast shadow of sun upon a raised relief map. The conventional angle of the light source is upper left and the shaded relief is today almost exclusively computer-generated. Also known as sunshade or shaded relief images, hillshade images are the most popular form of visually representing a digital elevation model (DEM).

Product Details

Hillshade - TRIM products are derived from the BC gridded Digital Elevation Model (BC DEM) consisting of eight distinct raster products, presented in two different common planar projections, in file formats appropriate to the file content. The elevation grid is derived from a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) built from Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) mass-points, breaklines, slope, and aspect. The BC DEM files use the National Topographic System (NTS) at 1:250 000 scale (250K blocks) as a delivery basis and have a grid spacing of 25 metres.

Index Grid: NTS 1:250 000
Pixel Size (metres): 25.0
Colour/BW: Available in colour and in black and white
Format: TIFF + World
Is Compressed: no
Is Lossy Compression: no
Compression Ratio: 0
Projection: BC Albers

How to Acquire

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Hillshade 250K map sheet.
Various products for hillshade, colourshade, slope, aspect (25m resolution)
$150.00 each

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