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Imagery Products

Look for these symbols to determine how you can obtain the products:

Google Earth kmz (imagery, maps, gsr, etc.) Data Discovery Service (link)
BMOS Discovery Tool download (zip file, etc.)
BMOS shopping cart email (send email to specified person)
Order using PDF form Link (go to another page for details)

Digital Air Photos

Black and white aerial photography is available for all of British Columbia at a variety of scales and, in some areas, dating back more than fifty years. Colour aerial photography is becoming increasingly available, particularly in the Okanagan, Kootenay and Cariboo areas.
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Aerial Triangulation (AT) Scans

Aerial Triangulation (AT) Scans are soft-copy (digital images) of black & white and colour aerial photography in BC that include Aerotriangulation data.
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Gridded Digital Elevation Model Map Sheets

A Gridded Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Map Sheet is a 1:250 000 map sheet with additional slope, aspect, and hillshade data derived from the Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) program's DEM. 
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Hillshade - TRIM products are a derivation of the BC gridded Digital Elevation Model (BC DEM) consisting of eight distinct raster products, presented in two different common planar projections, in file formats appropriate to the file content. The BC DEM files use the National Topographic System (NTS) at 1:250 000 scale (250K blocks) as a delivery basis and have a grid spacing of 25 metres. 
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An orthophoto is a geometrically corrected aerial photograph that displays ground features to be displayed in their true ground position with a constant scale throughout the image. 
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Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery are photographs of Earth or other planets made from artificial satellites. Satellites orbiting Earth have an orbit, elevation and time intervals to cover the globe and image the same area. Examples of these satellites are Landsat, SPOT, IKONOS, Quick Bird and IRS. Active satellites record reflected radiations which the sensors will send to earth surface. These are Radar Satellites such as Canadian RADARSAT 1 and 2.  
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Sample Product Image

WIMSI Imagery Finder

This application will help you to find air photo or orthophoto imagery for specific locations like named geographic features or latitude and longitude coordinates. Search parameters such as the search radius, range of years of photography, or BCGS mapsheet can be specified. If you know a particular air photo's film roll and frame number desigantion, the individual frame or even the entire film roll can be located. Search results can be exported for viewing within Google Earth and other applications that support .kml files, or as .csv text files for use with text editors, databases or spreadsheets.
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WIMSI Imagery Finder