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Base Mapping & Cadastre

GeoBC provides base mapping for government, industry, business, academia, and the public.


GeoBC Atlas Section is a corporate service for all government ministries, industry, business, academia, and the public in the capture, integration, management and access to provincial base mapping information.

Base Map Online Store

This online service allows you to order and purchase Land and Resource products.


Base Map Online Store

Coastal Resource Information System

The British Columbia Coastal Resource Information System (CRIMS) is an internet based interactive map for viewing coastal and marine data. A wide variety of coast and marine resources are included, such as aquaculture, shoreline classification, selected fisheries information, and offshore oil and gas information.

Digital Image Service

Imagery provides a sense of the current state of a place, it is also a view into its past condition and this is critical to measuring the cumulative affects on the land. Government agencies, industry and private citizens can access digital versions of any of these images which provides visual context about how the province has developed and changed over the last 80 years.

Registry Operations

The Registry Operations Section Provide strategic, management, technical and operational registry services as well as the development and implementation of registry systems.

Resource Roads Update Program

It is estimated that existing government road databases are missing ~150,000 kilometers of resource roads and that more than half of the road mapping in the province is more than 7 years out of date. Currently there is no one agency within government that is collecting and consolidating resource roads spatial components.