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Registry Operations

The Registry Operations Section Provide strategic, management, technical and operational registry services as well as the development and implementation of registry systems

Responsibilities are to ensure data integrity of the Registry Management (RM) and Disposition Management (DM) components of the Tantalis database to support the administration of Crown Land. As the core of the Tantalis database, RM is used to manage current and historical Crown land parcels, survey plans, reversions and acquisition database records. Unit staff review, interpret, create/modify data so that the records can be relied on by government and non-government users in determining ownership of all Crown lands within the province. Unit staff also work closely with the Tantalis Spatial group to ensure spatial representation of Crown land RM records are accurate and complete.

Tantalis (Crown Land Registry)

  • Tantalis is an Internal Goverment database application used to record rights, interests and encumbrances on Crown land under the legislative requirements of the Land Act. It is comprised of a suite of business applications and an integrated database of attribute and spatial data that is used by government staff, both regions and headquarters, in numerous provincial agencies.
  • Gator is an easy to use, online search and retrieval system which enables the search of information from the British Columbia Crown Land Registry (Tantalis). Gator provides access to this site. Gator also provides links to several types of scanned original Crown land documents, such as the original Crown grant, crown land survey field notes and official plans.

Crown Grant Search Tool (RD)

  • RD is the Registry Department Crown Grant Search Tool. RD was created with the support of members of the Mormon Church, as part of their genealogical interests. It is a free search tool for users interested in searching for a Crown Grant by the NAME of the grant holder. It provides information on a limited number of grants. This type of search is not possible in Gator. The free RD tool provides links to small "thumbnail" copies of the Crown Grant documents. Full size copies of Crown Grants can be downloaded from Tantalis Gator with an authorized account. See the Tantalis Gator Account Options page for details on establishing a new account.