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Resource Roads Update Program

It is estimated that existing government road databases are missing ~150,000 kilometers of resource roads and that more than half of the road mapping in the province is more than 7 years out of date. Currently there is no one agency within government that is collecting and consolidating resource roads spatial components. Throughout all of the recent changes in the NRS, GeoBC remains fully committed to the core products and services that our clients depend upon for the successful delivery of their business. The branch has a long standing culture of continuous improvement and seeks to apply advances in technology and process to more efficiently deliver on our responsibilities. The inclusion of up-to-date Resource Roads within the GeoBC Atlas (specifically the Integrated Transportation Network layer) will provide the NRS with a much more comprehensive spatial dataset of the province’s total road network.

The map below will give users insight into the monthly progress reports towards assembling and integrating Resource Roads into a single comprehensive database. The maps shows the various phases of integrating the roads into the master database called the Integrated Transportation Network. Phase I involves the collection of all known roads from various government data holders and incorporating them into a single comprehensive database. The roads are then Quality Assured, corrected and then integrated into the database. Phase II involves the interpretation and collection using Satellite Imagery and/or Orthophotos to capture all of the missing roads in the Province. These missing roads are then Quality Assured, corrected and then integrated into the database.

Resource Roads Update Program Map
Resource Road Update Program February [PDF]

The Branch will post monthly updated maps to keep the users informed of the progress of the Resource Roads Update Program. The information is uploaded monthly to the BC Geographic Data Waterhouse Provincial downloads of the data can be obtained from

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