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Decision Support Services

The Decision Support section provides professional mapping, analysis and visualization services to the broader natural resource sector. The section acts as a consulting service for a wide range of government agencies across the natural resource sector and is responsible for recommending and developing spatial solutions for business issues and challenges.

Where the Base Mapping & Cadastre section focuses largely upon building products that are of use to a diverse range of clients, the Decision Support group specializes in providing custom solutions to the unique needs of business areas. These solutions are developed with the broader sector in mind and often contribute to the improvement of existing products.

The Decision Support team, working collaboratively with the rest of the branch, our partners and our clients, is well positioned to address any request within the natural resource sector where the concept of "place" matters. While our focus is predominantly upon the requirements of the Natural Sector ministries do not let that dissuade you from contacting us even if you're part of another ministry. We may not be able to help directly but might be able to help you find the support that you need.

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