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Integrated Land and Resource Registry

The ILRR is a tool that provides a single source of reliable information on over 280 different legal interests on Crown land. These interests include tenures and their regulated uses, land and resource uses/ restrictions, information on Crown land parcels/ private land parcels, administrative boundaries, base map information, and reservations.

This wealth of information is compiled from four partner ministries and three agencies, which is then visually represented on a map and is available to the public using a standard web browser.


  • Empowers users in decision making processes by giving them access to up to date and reliable information regarding their land use interests. 
  • Identifies whether further historical research may be necessary through other government systems such as the DataBC for digital data and resource information, GATOR for detailed Land Act and survey information, or My LTSA for information on private land
  • Produces land-use planning and treaty negotiations
  • Identifies potential land use conflicts
  • Supports emergency planning and response  
  • Determines the current ownership status of both Crown and private land
  • Grants access to comprehensive current land and resource information in minutes
  • Supports inter-agency referral processes
  • Accommodates users in applications for interests in land status

The ILRR contains information on:

  • Crown land parcels (e.g. tenures, regulated uses, land use restrictions, reservations)
  • Private land parcels (where available)
  • Administrative boundaries ( e.g. forest districts, park boundaries)
  • Base map information(e.g. roads, water features, map grids, topography)

To view an alphabetical listing of all current registered Interests in the ILRR please click on the following link: Registered ILRR Interests